Monday, February 7, 2022

Stashbuster Project Bag

I wanted to start 2022 by utilizing the yarn I had immediately available to me. I had brought my hooks and some bits and ends of cotton to our sailboat in preparation of completing some smaller items while living aboard this winter season. In particular I had some Sugarwheel Cotton (Hobby Lobby) in various colors, along with a partial cake of Caron Cotton Cakes in the "peach blossom" colorway.

With a bit of excitement at starting my first project of the new year, I gathered my supplies together and got to work.

Materials needed:
Yarn remnants in various colors and fibers (I used approximately 1200 yards total for my bag.)
6.0 mm hook
Stitch marker
Barrel button
Large-eyed needle

Stitches used:
(CH) chain
(SC) single crochet
(SL ST) slip stitch
(SC2TOG)  single crochet 2 together

-This bag is worked holding 3 strands of yarn together.
-As your bag gains height, it may become a bit floppy. This is normal.
-This bag is worked in NON-joined rounds from the base up.

Finished dimensions: 
Bag diameter = 9" across at the end of round 12
Bag height = 8" high up to the start of the handle opening

Here's how I completed my little stashbuster project bag...

Round 1: Holding 3 strands of yarn together, make a magic circle and ch1. SC 8 sts into your circle. Place a st marker into your last st of the round, and then pull your yarn tail tight and secure to close your circle. (8)
(Alternately, you could start your base by chaining 2 and working your 8 sc sts into the second chain from hook.)
Round 2: 2SC in each st around. (16)
Round 3: *[SC1, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (24)
Round 4: *[SC2, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (32)
Round 5: *[SC3, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (40)
Round 6: *[SC4, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (48)
Round 7: *[SC5, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (56)
Round 8: *[SC6, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (64)
Round 9: *[SC7, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (72)
Round 10: *[SC8, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (80)
Round 11: *[SC9, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (88)
Round 12: *[SC10, 2SC in next st.] Repeat from *[  ] around. (96)

You may find that your circle may have a bit of a ruffle along the outer edge.  This may work itself out as you continue to work up the sides for height,  or if you need to, you can go up a size in hook.

Rounds 13 - 43 (or until desired height has been reached): SC in each st around,  moving stitch marker up as you complete each round. I worked mine until it was 8" high from the last round of the base.

Round 44: Work a SC in the next 16 sts. CH24(for handle strap), skip 16 sts. SC in each of next 32 sts. CH24 (for second handle strap), skip 16 sts. SC in each of remaining 16 sts to end of round. (112)

Rounds 45 - 48: SC in each st around. When you have completed your last round, complete 2 or 3 sl sts to "even out" the round, then pull your working loop(s) under the V of the next st to the inside of your work. Fasten off, leaving a 4-5" tail, thread it through your working loop, pull to secure and weave in ends.

Button flap: You will work your button flap in the 8 center stitches below one of the two handle straps.

Row 1: Locate the 8 center sts below handle strap and rejoin yarn. SC in each of the 8 sts. 
Row 2: CH1, turn. SC in each st across.
Rows 3 - 11: Repeat row 2.
Row 12: SC2TOG, SC. CH3, SK2 (button hole made). SC, SC2TOG.
Row 13: SC2TOG, 3SC in ch space, SC2TOG. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Sew button to front of bag center.

Enjoy your new project bag!

Please consider sharing your stashbusting project bag with me in my Facebook group. Purdy Sweet Crochet


  1. Oh my goodness. This is so amazing to see this come to life in such a short are amazing!! Thanks for putting this together for all of us!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing!
    Happy New Year 2022!

    1. Thank you! I hope that 2022 has been great for you so far!

  3. Did you use 1200 total or 1200 for each thread?

    1. I used approximately 1200 yards in total. It is hard to be specific with amounts because I used partial skeins of cotton and remnants for this bag. I was able to complete a second bag using 3 full cakes (530 yards each) held together with some leftover from each cake when finished.

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